We speak english

To reach us

All it takes is holding as reference the beautiful plaza of the Loggia, historical heart of Brescia. Shoulders to the Loggia, on the opposite angle of the Plaza, you take, on the right, Street X Giornate. We are after few meters there.

We are close monday evening, thursday evening and sunday evening

English menu a la carte


  • Octopus on cream of topinambur, tops of turnip and spicy almonds     euro 12
  • Fish and chips (the fry with the fish of our lakes)     euro 13
  • Smoked sturgeon paté with avocado and lime jam  euro 12
  • Peas warm soup,black truffle, stracciatella cheese and pepper oil     euro 12
  • Bruschetta monococco bread, sauteed herbs and Stracchino cheese     euro 10
  • Traditionaly cured ham served with bread fritters     euro 14


  • Paccheri “crudaiola” with tomatoes “pachino” and smoked buffalo mozzarella     euro 12
  • Gragnano’s linguine with dried sardines from  Montisola and almond butter     euro 15
  • Red beet dumplings with bagoss cheese cream and walnuts     euro 13
  • Vegan Carbonara     euro 10
  • Ravioli filled with cottage cheese and Mortadella     euro 12
  • Crisp lasagna to the duck ragù and parmesan roux    euro 12
  • Risotto according to the season  and  the cook’s mood     euro 15


  • Fillets of salmerino (fish from our lakes) cooked in the oven with red wine sauce     euro 20
  • Catch fresh fish according to the season and the availability of the market     euro 18
  • Vineria’s three polenta: fried with mushrooms, chips with gorgonzola mousse
    and mixed with Asiago cheese   euro 14
  • Asparaguses and broccoli flans with cream of goat cheese   euro 12
  • Lamb chops, potatoes and ginger purè with tender caramelized onions     euro 17
  • Beef sirloin steak (served sliced), with baked potatos     euro 17
  • Beef fillet in crust of grissini to the rosemary with crunchy vegetables     euro 17

DESSERTS    euro 5

  • Almond “Semifreddo” with milk toffee and coconut sauce
  • Crème brulée to the ginger with canned apples to the cinnamon
  • Banoffee Pie: cookie dough, toffee cream, banana and whipped cream
  • Torta sbrisolona (traditional pastry)

Dessert wine

  • Zibibbo
    Cantina Pellegrino
    Euro 3,00
  • Moscato naturale
    Cantina Polvanera
    Euro 3,00
  • Passito di Verdicchio
    Cantina Pievalta
    Euro 4,00
  • Recioto della Valpolicela
    Cantina Zardini
    Euro 4,00
  • Barolo chinato
    Cantina G.D. Vaira
    Euro 5,00